Christina Vasil Photography

Windsor Based Photographer

Christina Vasil

Hi, I’m Christina Vasil

I love Photography !!!  I also love my charming chef of a husband who makes me eggs benny on special occasions. Who knew I would find the love of my life 1959 miles away from Windsor. Traveling to work in Banff is where it all started. From there we lived in Toronto, Vancouver, Bermuda and then back home to Lasalle Ontario to start our family.

We have two nonstop children that love to run wild,  blast silly music while building never ending Legos and never go to sleep till its dark out. Lilly is my best friend (you too mom) and Logan is my free-spirited child. 

I’m a loving Mom of two amazing little Mini-Me’s, adored by the most supportive husband ever. I love to eat Indian food, make pizza dough with honey (it’s the only way), my fur babies love my craziness, elder people make me happy, climbing rocks near the ocean is a wonderful memory of mine,  and Oleander is the best smelling flower hands down.

Nine Years later I have created a successful Photography business all on my own, in my hometown of Lasalle with the encouragement of my Loving Family. Thank you for taking the time to read about me I’d love to hear about you too.