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Newborn Photography

Looking to capture your newest addition to the family looking as cute and cuddly as ever? Newborn Photography sessions are the perfect way to ensure you have this precious memory of your child forever.

Newborn Booking Information

A little information upon booking your newborn session. It is best to book three months in advance to be guaranteed the best timing for your baby of 5 to 14 days old. Of course, we can still get a session after 14 days old, however, the baby is less sleepy/flexible after that time frame.

Newborn Sessions – What To Expect:

Tips on how to prepare for your newborn session.

– I recommend feeding baby just before your arrival. Please bring extra food to keep baby topped up and happy.
– Please dress baby in a zip up or button down so we don’t wake him or her from pulling a onesie over their head.
– My StoreFront studio is heated so please dress in lighter clothes. Outfits and wraps are provided for the baby.
– A warm bath is a great way to get baby relaxed and sleepy before a session.
– If you’d like to have photos done with your bundle of joy, your more then welcome to join for an additional cost.
– I have a full studio of props, however, if you’d like to bring sentimental items to include in your photos your more then welcome to.

I also offer other variations of Newborn photography including:
Newborn Photography (with Family & Children)

Birth Photography


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